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Dontmesswithjuan x RHYME - Tōryanse (通りゃんせ)


Prepare to transcend the boundaries of language and surrender to the enchanting allure of Dontmesswithjuan's ethereal creation, 'Tōryanse' (通りゃんせ). Like whispers of forgotten dreams, her exquisite vocals, in Japanese and French, intertwine with the fabric of a genre she calls Surrealist Electronica, crafting a sonic tapestry that defies earthly constraints. In teaming up with the talented RHYME, together they have truly woven an unworldly musical tapestry full of colour and texture. I have always been a great supporter of collaborations, When synergistic parts work together, they accomplish more than they could alone.  Dontmesswithjuan x RHYME with Tōryanse are testament to that.

Within this mystical realm, the melodies resonate with an eerie expressiveness, casting a spell that transcends genres and expectations. Dontmesswithjuan's experimental electronic alchemy births a soundscape where haunting voices collide with glitchy sound effects and dark textures, birthing a world that exists beyond human reality.

'Tōryanse' breathes life into an ancient tale of an ominous gatekeeper and a child venturing into the realm of passage. As French and Japanese lyrics entwine, a surge of feminine warrior energy surges forth, igniting a transformative journey through realms unseen.

From the shadowed depths of Montreal, Dontmesswithjuan emerges as a 360° artist, crafting a cinematic universe where hypnotizing electronic beats intertwine with introspective musings. Influenced by luminaries like Amon Tobin, Massive Attack, Thom Yorke, and Björk, Dontmesswithjuan fearlessly navigates uncharted sonic territories, beckoning us to explore the unexplored and delve into the surreal wonders of Surrealist Electronica.

Review by Thomas Imposter