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INTERVIEW : Tirikilatops


Green Banana spoke to those multi-coloured funsters 'Tirikilatops'

Who / what are Tirikilatops?
Who is Bom Carrot, Super Bodreong and Kangcoo
What is a collaboration between South Korean and UK musicians and artists.

Where does the name come from? Also, do people have difficulty in getting it right?
The name comes from a mispronunciation and seemed fully formed when it entered our dimension so we snapped it up. However, yes, people do have difficulty with it. We are variously described as Tirikilaptops, Triklytops, Try Killer Tops (see below in this interview for a new one! 😁) etc etc We embrace them all. We've found if we break it up people have less problems with it TIRI KILA TOPS.

How did you first get together?

Jiri mountain, South Korea in the recent past. It's a mystical and strange place. Thunder storms, fossilised eggs struck by lightning. Signs and portents. Misty oddness. Somehow, we all found ourselves there at the most opportune moment. Maybe we burst from the egg? It's all a bit hazy.....

When Korea meets the UK, what happens?
In our experience, one big party with plenty of makgeoli!

What is your process of putting together a new song?
A bit like hunting for truffles and mushrooms. We have plenty of forests nearby and sometimes, if you turn over the right shaped stone or leaf you may find treasure that is fully formed or can be incorporated!
But it varies. Bom Carrot often records a lot of vocals and ad libs influenced by anything from charity shop finds to Forteana. Super Bodreong will then chop them up those vocals and couple them with the best melodies he can summon up. Stirs it all up until we have something that makes our feet move involuntarily. If we don't move it goes in the recycle.

You are a regularly gigging band. If someone came to one of your gigs, what should they expect?
Our main aim for the gigs is to have people to have a good time, enjoy themselves and dance. Life is a bizarre thing. Still, despite the eons, no one knows just why we or anything else is here and yet we take it all very seriously. So, even if just for the duration of the gig, we like to celebrate the fact that life is wonderfully strange and act accordingly. Usually we end up with a party atmosphere 🙂

What music interests/influences you most?
Difficult question. We love all kinds of music and, probably, that all feeds into what we do.  Lately we're obsessing over old Hawaiian thrift store vinyl compilations from the seventies and cheesy cabaret tones. Neither of which can be found in our songs so, maybe it doesn't feed in.... Hmmm....
The strangeness of being human on a tiny planet in a spiral galaxy that's one of zillions of spiral galaxies in a universe that is too vast to even comprehend definitely feeds into how we approach life and music.

A food question. If you could combine a dish from Korea and the UK, what would you combine?
Dakgalbi and home made Yorkshire pudding. There is a huge Yorkshire pudding we saw in Whitby UK that is the size of a soup bowl. That filled with Dakgalbi? Mmmmmmm!

What is on the horizon for Tirakilatops? 

Tirakilatops? 🙂

Oops, sorry! Tirikilatops
 On the horizon for Tirikilatops is a new song on a ten inch colour vinyl compilation that'll appear in Spring. Also a full length 12in vinyl album that we are working on and recording through the Winter.

Thanks for talking to Green Banana.

Thank you, Green Banana, for your interest in Tirikilatops. We wish you ripeness!

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Interview by Thomas Imposter