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INTERVIEW: Everything Now

Please tell us a bit about Everything Now?
We are a band consisting of Joakim (Guitar and songwriting) and Jenny (Vocals). I started the band 18 months ago as a side project to something else i was doing at the time and released a few songs. One of them kicked off a bit with a music video we had in South Korea, so i sort of followed that path and needed a permanent singer. And found Jenny a year ago. And Since then we have tried to develop our sound and slowly building up a catalog of songs plus gaining a following and find some interest from blogs like your self or labels.

How would you describe your music?


Why are you called Everything Now?
I think it sums up us as humans in this moment in time. And its also really difficult to come up with a good name that’s not already taken lol. 

Can you give us an insight into the creative process for your recordings?
Its fairly straight forward. I have new ideas all the time and then i develop the ones that i feel have something interesting about them or a feel into to a demo where the song is basically the finished core song you will hear when its released. But then i record it properly, add Jenny’s vocals and then i add what i call decorations guitar solos, or guitar effects and sounds, synth, piano trying to find anything interesting that can add to the song and take it to the next level. Its sort of like building a deck of cards you have to be very careful what you add or else the song will collapse.

Do you play live shows, if so, what are they like?
Not yet but we are hoping to do a few this fall.

Please tell us about your latest work?
With How Long Now? We were trying to capture a moment in time like a picture.

What can we expect from you next?
We have a lot of songs so we will keep releasing stuff when they are ready. It takes a bit of time since we record, produce and mix everything our self.

Please tell us your 5 all-time favourite albums?
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Radiohead - In Rainbows
The Cure - Disintegration
Mayhem - De Mysteriis dom Sathanas
Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks

Which song would you like to nominate for the Green Banana jukebox and why?
I would like to nominate Bondage Fairies - Clone.
Its sort of like Nintendo Pop-Punk haha with catchy melodies and its a bit different

Green Banana would like to thank Everything Now for answering these questions.
Find Everything Now on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Interview by Skreen