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Neil Japhtha x Beg4Cred - I've Seen Things

  In the intricate collaboration between Swindon-born producer  Neil Japhtha and the lyrical wordsmith Beg4Cred , " I've Seen Things " unfolds as a mesmerising tapestry, weaving the essence of London's metamorphosis and self-discovery through the ethereal lens of ghosts. The spoken word narrative, delicately interwoven with synth samples and the subtle echoes of field recordings, beckons you into a realm where observations on the city's evolution and the introspection of the self become inseparable. Beg4Cred's art, like fragments of a profound mosaic, mirrors the nuanced complexity of Japhtha's musical architecture. Each note, a brushstroke of discomfort, paints a canvas of spontaneity, revealing a depth of construction that resonates with both raw emotion and profound reflection.  The engaging discomfort of the composition mirrors the sincerity in the duo's critique, forging a path toward an elusive peace that is sought amidst the shifting shadows of
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Emma Dilemma - Bed All Day

  In the sonorous notes of " Bed All Day " by Emma Dilemma , we find a lyrical exploration of the dance between the warmth of one's cocooned haven and the stern insistence of the waking world. Emma's contemplation rises like a delicate soufflé, where the allure of the bed's embrace is painted in textures of comfort and evasion of daily life.  With a delightful tongue-in-cheek attitude, the song becomes a narrative thread in Emma's hands, weaving through the complexities of existential crises. There's a gentle mockery in the air, as societal expectations are playfully dismantled, revealing the absurdity of the struggle to appear composed and effortlessly cool. In the musical landscape, Christchurch's influence permeates, adding a distinct kiwi charm to the composition. The track becomes a whimsical commentary on the perennial challenge of emerging from the cozy retreat of slumber, as if life itself were a grand stage awaiting one's performance. Emma

Dick Dudley - Cat

  In the much-anticipated return of those satirical post-punk virtuosos, ' Dick Dudley ,' the unveiling of ' Cat ' from their upcoming EP, ' Dog Park ,' is nothing short of a lyrical marvel. With a welcomed resurgence, the band reintroduces us to their signature sardonic wit, interwoven seamlessly into the fabric of this musical creation. In their characteristically deadpan manner, 'Cat' unfolds a narrative delicately balancing on the edge of humor and contemplation—a tale of a feline that has, perhaps unwisely, overstayed its welcome, and a plot for its demise. The northern English accent, a nostalgic echo, infuses the song with an authentic charm, immersing the listener in the world of Dick Dudley's storytelling. With their meticulous craft, the song artfully treads the fine line between satirical jest and a deeper contemplative tone. As an international collective, the past twelve months have seen Dick Dudley unveil a series of EP singles, each a

PLEO - Schoolcave

  PLEO ’s latest single “ Schoolcave " is a nuanced symphony, marrying the gritty resonance of punchy notes with the evocative echo of rasping guitars. The sonic narrative weaves a tapestry akin to the unrestrained momentum of an unpredictable locomotive, each chord adding layers to an ever-mounting intensity.  Beneath the surface, the composition draws inspiration from the philosophical caverns of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, the very bedrock that birthed the cinematic tapestry of "The Matrix." Greg Karageorge's conceptual framework introduces an intriguing contemplation—an exploration into the potential evolution of video games into sophisticated reality simulators. Within this metaphorical "cave," a novel interpretation emerges—a preparatory realm reminiscent of the intellectual crucible found within the hallowed halls of academia.  PLEO's genesis, rooted in Greg's odyssey from Athens to Manchester in pursuit of his artistic vision, imbues &

Peyoti for President - Palestinian Children

  Mid-air, on a flight between the UK and Portugal, Peyoti for President crafted 'Palestinian Children’ , a musical testament echoing the cries of Gaza's suffering children . The reggae heartbeat intertwines seamlessly with Latin guitar whispers, creating a sonic canvas that transcends boundaries. Though draped in a lo-fi aesthetic, the sincerity embedded within the melody radiates a polished luminescence. It's a musical and emotional voyage where compassion meets artistry, where the urgency of a ceaseless cry for peace transforms it into a soul-stirring anthem. Each note, a plea for humanity to unite against the discord. 'Palestinian Children' is more than a song; it's a profound call to action, urging listeners to join the chorus for an immediate ceasefire, weaving threads of awareness and empathy into the very fabric of its composition. Review by Thomas Imposter  

Jodie Langford - Foefetti

  Jodie Langford is back and Green Banana is as pleased as a drunk Punch at Christmas about it. In her latest single, " Foefetti ," she masterfully weaves a poignant tapestry of emotion and storytelling, demonstrating an eloquence that resonates deeply. Collaborating Endoflevelbaddie , the song is enriched by the live elements, infusing it with a vibrant and dynamic energy that authentically captures the raw essence of the moment. Within the lyrical narrative, Jodie artfully depicts the poignant tale of a once-unshakable friendship now marred by betrayal and grief, employing a clever and audacious twist on the Happy Birthday song. Departing from her usual labyrinthine wordplay, Jodie embraces a simpler yet assertive lyricism, demonstrating her willingness to explore new musical avenues and seamlessly incorporate diverse genre influences. The accompanying video adds a compelling dimension, revealing Jodie's palpable frustration through the symbolic act of destroying cakes

Halo Kitsch - I was a virgin (on drugs)

  Halo Kitsch 's latest single titled " I was a virgin (on drugs) ," emerges as a poignant fusion of pop sensibility and a rebellious ethos, firmly establishing her ascent within the burgeoning indie pop rock landscape of Los Angeles. Infused with a wealth of angst and a palpable attitude, this track resonates as a defiant anthem, leaving an indelible mark upon the listener's musical sensibilities. At the core of this sonic revelation are the searing guitar arrangements and infectious drum patterns that propel the composition forward. Halo Kitsch exhibits a fearless embrace of a sound that marries edginess with a tantalizing spiciness, crafting a musical milieu where the boundaries between pop refinement and unapologetic rock dissolve seamlessly. The instrumentation serves as a dynamic counterpart to the rebellious thematic undercurrent, immersing the audience in a visceral sonic experience. Front and center in "I was a virgin (on drugs)" is the evocatively

Outblinker and aortarota - Cold Star

  In the auditory realm, Outblinker and aortarota embark on a mesmerizing journey with their latest release, " Cold Star ." This musical alchemy effortlessly intertwines the strands of 80s noir, dark industrial pop, and alternative electronica, creating a tapestry of sound that sends shivers down the spine in the most delightful manner. The composition, draped in melodrama, paints a dramatic dystopian landscape, solidifying its position as a standout piece within the extensive repertoire of the Glaswegian ensemble. The addition of Spanish luminary Aortarota brings a unique hue to the canvas. Known for her inclination toward alternative angst reminiscent of PJ Harvey and the avant-garde stylings of Lydia Lunch, Aortarota embraces the realm of alternative pop under the collaborative influence of Outblinker. The outcome is a poignant, corrosive masterpiece that navigates themes of sexuality and fury through dark metaphors and tumultuous refrains. As "Cold Star" unfolds

Candid Faces - Telephonophobia

  Green Banana favourites ‘ Candid Faces ' latest track, ' Telephonophobia ,' stands as a poignant commentary on the pervasive intrusion of technology into our lives. The song adeptly explores the frustrations stemming from the normalization of privacy breaches by giant tech corporations. What sets this track apart is its seamless blend of old-school punk elements with a contemporary flair. The guitars, both jangling and jagged, create a textured soundscape that pays homage to punk's raw energy while infusing a modern vibrancy. The vocals, filled with intensity, serve as a compelling vehicle for the narrative. The synergy between lyrics and musical composition is evident, making 'Telephonophobia' not only a satisfying auditory experience but also a thought-provoking one. As the song progresses, it masterfully builds an emotional crescendo, leaving the listener simultaneously content and yearning for more. Candid Faces succeeds in delivering not just a song but a

Slumclub - Bottom of a Cheque

  Slumclub 's latest release, " Bottom of a Cheque ," unfolds profoundly, blending shadowy guitar nuances with a robust bass, while vocals ignite the track with unrestrained dynamism. A rhythmic heartbeat of drums initiates the journey, intertwining with an unyielding bassline that serves as the unwavering pulse throughout. The lyrical landscape delves into societal tapestries, particularly dissecting the UK government's pandemic response and spotlighting the chasm between societal echelons. The narrative sketches a vivid portrait of the suburban elite, immersed in opulence within their "grey velvet" sanctuaries, indulging in wine and cheese. A palpable air of decadence, borne of surplus wealth and ennui, permeates the scene. "Bottom of a Cheque" earned its stripes on Fresh on the Net, securing a spot in the coveted top 25 during week 505, with Tom Robinson personally elevating it in his esteemed top 5 selections. This musical odyssey by Slumclub i

Komplizen der Spielregeln - Kaviar

  In the latest musical offering by German’s Komplizen der Spielregeln , titled ' Kaviar ,' we embark on a voyage through the intricate urban landscape of a sprawling city. Imagine yourself in an inner SUV, traversing the bustling streets, your thoughts pondering the elusive notion of paradise amid the city's chaos. This track is an experience that propels you forward, each beat pushing you on as you navigate the city's labyrinth. The music paints a portrait of quirkiness and moodiness, underscored by an enigmatic electronic rhythm. It's a sonic tapestry where asphalt and voices intertwine, hinting at a touch of megalomania. Amid this urban dreamscape, a Japanese rapper emerges as a guide, steering you toward the long-sought destination. This musical odyssey is both captivating and unconventional, offering a surreal yet delightful exploration. Ultimately, it leaves you with the enigmatic phrase (in German), "It's raining caviar for my God." Komplizen d


今回は江古田にある デザイン工房「虎の子屋」にお邪魔して、とーっても為になるお話を伺ってきたよ!全ての迷える若者バンドマンに読んでもらいたい、これからの時代のイケてるミュージシャンライフに迫る長編インタビュー! 自己紹介をお願いします。 papalionギターボーカルみずきです。1stアルバム「Morten」を少年ナイフなおこさんのレーベルBurningFarmからリリースさせていただいております。現在3枚目のアルバム「王様の庭」を配信リリースしています。あとは「ヤンキーハムスター」のテーマソング及びキャラクターソングを担当しております。 Papalion結成の経緯を教えてください。 江古田にある武蔵大学の音楽系サークルでまず僕とドラムのけいじが知り合ってスタートしました。その時は別のサークルだったの。要するにバンドがすごい低迷期だったのね。バンドブームなんか完全に終わっていた時代だったので音楽系サークルに人がほぼいなかった。僕が入ったサークルには一番最初僕しか新入生いなかったし、全部合わせても10人いたかいないかくらいだったからバンド出来ないじゃんてなると他のサークルの人たちと…。単独だといろいろ出来ないからけいじがいたサークルと一緒にイベントとかやらせてもらったりとかしてて知り合ったの。合宿とかも単独で行けなかったからね我々。 (左はpapalionドラムで虎の子屋代表のけいじさん) この虎の子屋はいつ立ち上げたんですか? ちょうど10年前。今年10周年だから。もとから僕はデザインやってたし、けいじはプログラムをやってて何かしら仕事場が欲しいねって話をしてた時にたまたまプラプラしてて見つけたのがココなだけ。デザイン事務所とかオシャレな街にあるイメージだけど、そうじゃなくてこじんまりしたところで仕事場が欲しいなと思って探していて…。 江古田が好きなんですよね? 好きっていうか、あんまり縁の無いところでいきなりはなかなか難しいからね、ちょっと縁があるところのほうが良いかなって……江古田が好きです!江古田が好きで江古田で仕事かしたいなって思って江古田で探しました。巣立ちの出来ない人たちみたいだね。もともと作りたかったのがオープンなデザイン事務所だったから…誰でもフラッと入れるようなデザイン事務所を作りたかったから、そういうのって青山とか中目黒とかオシ