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AN_NA from Canada, have recently released unto the world a sensational new single “Tomorrow". This track is a perfect combination of seductive beats with captivating and sultry vocals that will leave you mesmerized. Upon listening to it, one cannot help but notice the subtle yet undeniable resemblance to the legendary Kraftwerk, creating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity to the contemporary sound. 

Moving from France to Canada, AN_NA is an act in music which consists of two individuals – a couple. Both the artists, who go by the names of Anne and Alain, are extremely talented and have incredible expertise in various genres of music such as Electronic music, Experimental music, and Industrial music. The couple has been a musical duet for 30 years now, and are celebrating this milestone with the release of this new album. The album is full of tracks that are dominated by catchy beats, rich melodies, all sorts of electronic elements, and an overall blend of various musical styles and genres. This is why Experimental music is such a big part of the duo’s overall sound and production. AN_NA tends to play around with various styles and genres in order to adapt and come up with a totally unique sound. This sort of experimentation gives them space to evolve as artists and keeps them open-minded to new ideas and influences, which can be somehow incorporated into their own musical style to come up with something totally unique.”

Review by Thomas Imposter